Who Would You Say?

October 6, 2016

I often ask people, “Who is the happiest person you know?”

The reason I ask this question is because it appears to me that more and more people are not happy despite continually seeking happiness. I cannot help but wonder if it has always been this way, or if our modern society of instant gratification has helped create this environment and my perception.

What I find amazing and somewhat sad is that most people take anywhere from several seconds to several minutes to think before answering my question. Could this be an indication to support my theory of the shortage of really happy people? I have even had some people flat out tell me that they don’t know anyone who is really happy. I asked my question to a friend who is a professional counselor. I don’t want to misrepresent his answer, but in layman’s terms, he indicated that many people often only have moments of happiness. My thought is to determine who the happiest people are, try to understand what causes them to be happy and maintain their happiness and learn from it. I observed and lived around “drama” in my younger years, and “drama breeds drama” has become one of my sayings. I think about my friends who breed professional rodeo bucking bulls. They will put a mean “rank” bull with a cow with a bad attitude to create one mean spirited creature that can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. To me, the correlation is that just maybe, to be happy, we need to avoid those mean spirited people and situations as much as we can.

This reminds me of another moment from my past. Several years ago there was a “run with the bulls” event held in Justin, Texas. It was going to be like the running with the bulls in Spain, but “Texas Style.” Since I’ve been around cattle, I signed up for the event. As any good leader knows (or hopeful survivor of an event like running with bulls should know) planning is essential. I hired a professional rodeo clown to teach me how to avoid the ultimate “four legged horned train wreck.” He taught me how to turn, how to face a bull, how to step on its head as a defensive technique, how to (attempt) to run down its back, and more. I have to admit that the “running of the bulls” in Justin was less than eventful, and I “ran with the bulls” twice. If you want to do something really scary, come with me to feed the buffalo or bison out at my ranch!

It’s my opinion that to find our happiness, we need to start by remembering our blessings. I look back over my life and the same things that once made me happy continue to make me happy. These are simple things like a hot shower, a warm meal, a clean bed, helping others, laughing at myself, being around fun people and loved ones and trying my very best to serve God, Country and Family. Happiness is more than just existing and complaining. Happiness is a condition that we control. We can create and maintain it and its source is right between our very own two ears. I often share with others and remind myself of the reality that “if you’re not happy with yourself, you cannot be happy with anyone or anything else.”

I hope that you will join me and ask those around you, “Who is the happiest person that you know?” Then ask them to share with you the “why.” These questions will lead you to a much better understanding of those around you and maybe yourself.

May all of your days be “drama free” but when they aren’t, don’t let go of your happiness because it’s up to you! Happy Trails!

Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.