How Far We've Come

Founder and Chairman Jerry King likes to talk about the early days. Only after you’ve heard the King Aerospace story can you truly appreciate how far the company has come.

After serving as CEO for Associated Air Center in Dallas, Jerry King struck out on his own. He founded King Aerospace, Inc. (KAI) in 1992 focused on military and government contracts. In 1993, King turned to corporate aviation and founded King Aerospace Commercial Corporation (KACC).

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Humble Beginnings

King heard about government contracts and began to research and pursue them. He laughs when talking about military contractors coming to audit him – and serving them donuts in his humble living room. To win a contract, he had to provide a statement that he could deliver funding, but he couldn’t find a single banker to back him. He finally scraped together the minimum needed by tapping friends and family for small loans. He says, “I’ll never forget opening the refrigerator and not knowing what I was going to feed my kids.”

King got his start when he was selected as an E9 contractor. He began showing his value, saving the United States Air Force millions of dollars by always negotiating the best deal for parts and consistently exceeding the stated deliverable.

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We're Not Done Yet

King’s legacy continues strong through his son Jarid, who offers new leadership as president, while displaying an equal commitment to the values that got the company where it is today. King Aerospace employs hundreds of team members and a steady influx of contractors at the Dallas, TX, home office; facilities in El Paso, TX; Albuquerque, NM; Camp Humphreys, Korea; Ardmore, OK; Bentonville, AR and 24/7 logistics outposts around the world.