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June 11, 2021

Kevin Otten has a big job. Aircraft maintenance support for the United States government demands excellence, efficiency and effectiveness. Which means it’s perfect for him. Otten serves as the Department of Energy/Office of Secure Transportation aviation program manager for King Aerospace, Inc. He joined our team in 2019 when we were named prime contractor for […]

Rethink Your Corporate Jet Interior, Not Just Your Office

May 19, 2021

The pandemic has caused us to rethink the modern office. People discovered they could work effectively from home, and in many cases, they want to continue that in a hybrid of home and office. Management is looking at how this shift affects staffing and office spaces. If you haven’t asked yourself these questions yet, perhaps […]

What It Means to Earn Your Wings

May 13, 2021

Back in 2012, when Jeff Barstow started interacting with the King Aerospace team in his role as Boeing Business Jets chief operating officer and director of business operations, he noticed a number of things. Team members seemed guided by something other than money. They looked to turn every challenge into a win-win for all. And […]

Called to Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)

May 3, 2021

By Jarid King King Aerospace president You could say that contractor logistics support – or CLS – is in our corporate DNA. You would be right. CLS was woven into our very being in 1992 when my father, Jerry King, founded King Aerospace and secured our first CLS contract. We took over the U.S. Air […]

Expecting the Best, Planning for the Worst

April 21, 2021

“I’ve been to the good, the bad and the ugly,” says John Sullivan, managing partner and co-owner of the security consultancy Welsh Sullivan Group. “King Aerospace is definitely at the top of the good.” Sullivan recently wrapped up a five-month security assessment of the King Aerospace home office in Addison, TX, and its MRO in […]

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