Embracing Change AND Traditional Values to Win the Battle

April 4, 2024

The global environment is shifting and evolving at a pace unlike any we’ve ever seen before in our country’s history. Our armed forces must not only adapt to this new reality; they must also undergo nothing short of a reinvention in light of not only global realities and technological advances, but also societal and even […]

King Kulture Chronicles: Setting Up KACC Arkansas

March 13, 2024

King Kulture Chronicles: Setting Up KACC Arkansas Working at King Aerospace can be a very different experience than at other companies. In this feature, King team members share their memorable moments, inspiring events and valuable lessons learned in their time with the company. Business Development Manager Kay Roby-Bragg has been with King Aerospace for nearly […]

Answering the Call to Service

February 28, 2024

Supporting our nation’s armed forces and government clients is not only a top priority for King Aerospace; it’s also a higher calling. The process of bidding for new contracts – whether in support of a brand new mission for the U.S. government, an extension or expansion of existing service or a search for a new […]

Bob Blanchard Joins King Aerospace Team

January 17, 2024

(Top photo, left to right: Jarid King, Pete Schneider, Sally O’Connor, Cody Vanderslice, Bob Blanchard, Keith Weaver, Jerry Dunmire, at the new KA-ARK facility.) Longtime homeland security and national aviation law enforcement professional Bob Blanchard has joined King Aerospace as Vice-President of Business Development – Special Projects, where he will develop and execute initiatives to […]

New Year Offers a Time for Reflection… and Resolve

December 20, 2023

The past twelve months have certainly been interesting ones for King Aerospace, marking a time of transition and bolstered by the hiring of key aerospace professionals to help the company find new paths to demonstrate its commitment to God, Country and Family to commercial and military clients alike. “This has been a year with lots […]

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