BBJ-Approved Aircraft Paint Shop

August 10, 2020

Since our founding in 1992, King Aerospace has earned a reputation as an exceptional VVIP and corporate aircraft paint shop. Our inclusion in the Boeing Business Jet manufacturer’s prestigious customer support directory, published annually, speaks to the excellence of our services. This high-end, high-demand market segment has a low to no tolerance for error. Their […]

Ron Soret Rejoins King Aerospace Team

July 28, 2020

DALLAS, TX – King Aerospace recently welcomed Ron Soret back to its team. Soret has been a longtime friend of the company. He served as president of King Aerospace Commercial Corporation prior to joining AERIA Luxury Interiors in 2011 as vice president and general manager of completions. “Aviation has always been a tightknit industry, where […]

Paint That’s Powerful

July 14, 2020

Aircraft paints and coatings sometimes get marginalized as simply icing on a pretty plane. But paint offers much more than aesthetics. Though there’s nothing wrong with looking great. Paint both protects and preserves the substantial investment you’ve made in your aircraft, combatting the enemies of your airframe: sun, wind, heat, cold, rain, ice, humidity, pollutants, […]

Paint Applied Right

July 2, 2020

VVIP aircraft typically need to be painted every seven to 10 years. With costs in the six figures, it pays to do it right. At King Aerospace, we do. An Easy Decision Our paint technicians routinely exceed expectations – even on the most challenging paint projects. Our aircraft paint services – from computer-generated paint schemes […]

Providing Aircraft Avionics Support for Boeing 737s

June 23, 2020

Avionics combines the words “aviation” and “electronics,” emphasizing the immensity of the aircraft systems working together. Aircraft avionics include communication, flight control, inflight entertainment, navigation and other avionics systems necessary for flight. The failure of one or more of these electronic instruments can ground an aircraft until the component or components can be inspected, repaired […]

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