Military Aircraft Program Management

Our program management team at King Aerospace, Inc. daily demonstrates its understanding of meeting mission requirements in a no-excuses environment. Team members’ military leadership backgrounds combined with our quasi-military environment and relentless high standards result in outstanding performance.

Our servant leadership culture empowers people to take ownership and follow established processes developed to meet the most challenging mission requirements. Supporting domestic and international government special aviation operations that protect our country, is not just a job to us. It is an honor.

We are often referred to as “the most responsive contractor” ever encountered by our customers. King Aerospace, Inc. has been recognized twice by the United States Small Business Administration as our region’s Outstanding Defense Contractor, and we were also named outstanding contractor by the United States Army Fixed Wing Program Office. Most recently, King Aerospace was recognized along with the Office of Secure Transportation Aviation Operation Division as the best aviation organization within the Department of Energy for FY2020.


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Here's what our clients have to say

I appreciate their dedication and look forward to carrying a great working relationship. King played a valuable role in the success of our Mission and our Air Force.

Serving God, Country and Family

Military aircraft program management at King Aerospace, Inc. includes knowledge in all aspects of defense and government contract management and reporting. Adding to our expertise are the many military veterans we now employ. They embrace our mission of providing the highest levels of service and thrive in our no-excuses environment.

While many contractor logistics support providers average five to 10 years for contract retention, we typically keep contracts from 10 to 18 years. Because of this longevity, we often act as the stabilizing factor as military forces rotate in and out. We shepherd the new personnel as they transition in. More work frequently comes our way, further validation that we deliver at a high level.

An Enduring Passion

King Aerospace maintains a soft spot for the Air Force’s information-gathering, E-9A twin turboprop (a militarized version of the Dash 8). The contract to these aircraft at Florida’s Tyndall Air Force Base launched King Aerospace in 1992. The aircrews of these airborne surveillance/telemetry data-relay aircraft evaluate the air-to-air capabilities of Air Force fighter aircraft and collect data on fired missiles. E-9As also sweep the Gulf of Mexico to ensure it’s clear during live missile-test launches. The King team supplied parts, maintenance technicians, mission equipment operators and engineers. Whenever the E-9A makes an unscheduled fuel stop at King’s facility in Ardmore, OK, it feels like reuniting with an old friend. Founder and Chairman Jerry King raced out to have his photo taken with this mission-critical aircraft.

“CLS isn’t just a job for us. It’s a privilege, an honor and a calling,” says President Jarid King. “For three decades we’ve witnessed countless providers get into – and out of – contractor logistics. We stayed and double-downed, refining our services to deliver greater and greater value. Whether we’re serving as a prime contractor or subcontractor, we view CLS responsibilities as our patriotic duty as Americans.”

Part of that duty means delivering maximum value. One of King’s first deliverables for the E-9A contract was to purchase $2 million of spare parts. King shopped for the best prices and came back with the needed parts for half a million under budget. The result: the government asked King to purchase another $500,000 in parts. King did and once again found savings, this time securing 25% more parts for the budget.