Corporate Aircraft Modification for VVIP Aircraft

King Aerospace Commercial Corporation, an FAA-certified repair station, provides maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services using certified processes, tools and equipment. We offer design support as well as installation, modification, repair/retrofit and overhaul services using existing supplemental type certification (STC), or help you obtain a new STC. Talk to us when you need to comply with new FAA certifications or you need touch labor support when you are performing maintenance, repair and overhaul on your FAA-certified aircraft.


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Avionics Services

  • Electrical wiring installation
  • Back-shop for cut/coding wire
  • Back-shop and on-aircraft wire assembly and terminations
  • Wire termination testing (continuity and hot pin)
  • Radio frequency (RF) cable installation and testing
  • Fiber optic cable installation and testing
  • Power system installation and testing (TRUs, relays, breakers, etc.)

Structural Services

  • Lightning strike repair
  • Fatigue inspection
  • Fuselage and structural modification (cut and brace)
  • Doubler/Tripler installations
  • Structural modification on stringer/station frames
  • Radome installations
  • Fairing/shroud installations
  • Frame/stringer/panel fabrication

Cabin/Mechanical Services

  • Rack assemblies installations
  • Interior/cabin modifications (VVIP or custom)
  • Flight deck modifications (VVIP or custom)
  • Vehicle subsystem (ECS, IFE, interphone, wastewater, etc.) retrofit and modifications
  • Structural provisions installations
  • Access panels and doors modifications
  • Cargo area modification and provisions

Continuous Airworthiness Management Services

  • Perform maintenance services using CAMP/LUMP
  • Standard and non-standard repair using CAMO documentation
  • Time phased and routine inspections
  • Service bulletin and airworthiness derivative (AD) installations
  • Aircraft flight servicing (preflight and post flight)
  • Field support for aircraft maintenance and servicing
  • Minor alteration using Form 337

King Aerospace provides MRO services for VVIP aircraft using our best-of-industry practices, including aircraft interior protection, paint protection, foreign object damage prevention, and quality inspection and approval on all aircraft jobs.