Military Aircraft Maintenance

At King Aerospace, Inc., we perform all aspects of aviation maintenance support services on a wide range of military and government-operated aircraft. This includes line maintenance, heavy maintenance and support for specialized mission equipment. We provide these services on military or government bases as well as in some of the world’s most isolated and often hostile environments.

KAI aviation technicians often deploy with short notice as they routinely deal with the unique maintenance challenges that arise when supporting special-mission aircraft continually pushing the performance edge. They recover aircraft, and oversee and perform repairs needed to restore the aircraft for its mission. Their work meets or exceeds military and FAA-applicable standards.


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There were at least 10 people working on the airplane preparing for its departure back to Biggs and a quick deployment to support disaster relief in Haiti.

Depot Support Services Both Routine and Non-Routine

Our team supports all depot level maintenance and modification requirements at both domestic and international sites. Our affiliate, Ardmore, OK-based King Aerospace Commercial Corporate (KACC), follows our long-established values and principles. This FAA-approved and AS9110C-certified repair station routinely supports corporate and military aircraft in all aspects of aircraft maintenance and modification services. Military aircraft served over the years include the C-9, C-12, C-21, C-27, C-32, C-144, E-9, Dash-7, Dash-8 and UC-35. Customers include most major defense contractors and government agencies. KACC has been honored as the 2019 Boeing Supplier of the Year for collaboration, and successfully completed the prestigious Boeing Mentor Protégé Program.

  • Avionics
  • Interior refurbishment
  • Mission equipment integration
  • Field (AOG) team support
  • Strip and paint
  • Nondestructive testing (NDT)

Nondestructive Testing Offered Worldwide

Our nondestructive testing (NDT) serves a vital role in your aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). It enables flaws, corrosion, cracks, damage and irregularities to be identified rapidly and economically – without dismantling an aircraft or disrupting a part’s integrity. This includes everything from airframes and landing gears to engines and related components. Once testing is completed, the aircraft can still be used. All King Aerospace nondestructive testing – also called nondestructive inspection (NDI) – comes with FAA-approved NDT reports. While our lab is based in El Paso (off the base for easier access to non-government customers), most of our NDT is delivered in the field. This takes place all around the globe for both government and commercial aircraft. Our NDT services are driven by both scheduled inspections and unforeseen events that damage aircraft. We’re here for you, whether the need is planned or unplanned. Our NDT services help confirm that aircraft parts and the overall airframe are optimal for safe flight.


King Aerospace NDT Inspection Methods

  • Eddy current inspection – Uses electromagnetism in conductive materials to produce eddy currents for inspecting surface and subsurface cracks, corrosion, coating thickness and more.
  • Ultrasonic inspection – Sends ultrasonic waves through material to assess internal and external issues such as corrosion and flaws, especially subsurface discontinuities.
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) – Magnetizes a metal component to produce flux that creates a leakage field around a defect.
  • Fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) – Applies a fluorescent dye penetrant with acid etch (as required) to a nonporus surface to detect hairline cracks and other surface-connected issues.
  • Bond testing – Transmits a compression wave into a bondline between two composite structures to verify adhesive bondline strength integrity. Can detect delaminations, disbonds and other voids.

Help Ensure Your Aircraft’s Airworthiness

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Reach out for a quote, or to begin, a conversation about our NDT support. We can help with everything from cracks and flaw detection to de-laminations and corrosion. Find defects before they become catastrophic failures. Minimize aircraft downtime with our trained, certified NDT pros. We never compromise quality – or safety.

Contact King Aerospace NDT Program Manager Jack Mangas by emailing him at the link below, or call O 915.800.1098, C 913.912.0048.

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