Servant Leadership Serving You

Jerry King founded King Aerospace on a vision of creating a company that gives more than it takes, builds value in all it does and has a culture where everyone is aware that great success is not achieved alone.

To work on VVIP aircraft or operate in demanding special-missions aviation environments, we need personnel who are both excellent at the job and committed to the mission. Our team values servant leadership, integrity and a problem-solving approach to serving our customers. You won’t find a more passionate team to work on your aircraft.

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Our story shows how far we've come. Our culture shows what hasn't changed.

Our Mission

King Aerospace’s purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of those we employ, we serve, we encounter and earn a fair profit.

How We Do What We Do

For our employees to deliver what customers describe as fantastic service, they had to experience the same generous support and servant-leadership spirit from their leaders and colleagues.

Founder Jerry King says, “It’s all about serving people with love.”

Our servant-leadership culture has been coined King Kulture. It’s our way of life. We set ourselves apart from the competition by leading with service – whether from a manager to their employee, from an employee to a customer or from employee to employee.

We provide our employees with a significant purpose, or the real reason for the company’s existence. A significant purpose answers the “why,” rather than simply explaining what an employee does in his or her role.

Learn more about our Cornerstone Principles and how they set us apart in the industry.



Our job is to make a significant difference in the lives of others. We just happen to work on airplanes.

King Aerospace Founder Jerry King

King Kulture

Our Kulture Committee ensures that our “whys” and values are retained with passion in a fun workplace environment. Made up of only employees – no executives or officers – the Kulture Committee keeps the company’s spirit thriving and exemplifies King Kulture through customer service, fun, hard work and a mission of service greater than self.