Servant Leadership, it's our way of life
Servant Leadership, it's our way of life

About King Aerospace

For more than 30 years, King Aerospace has rolled out the red carpet for our customers. It is our job to make a significant difference in the lives of others;
we just happen to work on airplanes.

Talent Needed

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King Kulture

Jerry King Echevarria founded King Aerospace in 1992 with a vision of creating a company that gives more than it takes, builds value in all it does and has a culture where everyone is aware that great success is not achieved alone.

It is this “King Kulture,” and our steadfast commitment to God, Country and Family, which set King Aerospace apart from the competition. Whether from a manager to their employee, from an employee to a customer or from employee to employee, we all excel by fulfilling your needs and leading through service.


Servant Leaders

Our purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of those we employ, those we serve and everyone we encounter while earning a fair profit. When you work with King Aerospace, our sole focus becomes your project, your priorities, your presence — and your aircraft.

A distinguished roster of respected industry professionals leads hundreds of team members at facilities in the United States and around the globe who stand ready to answer your call and fulfill your mission, while also fostering an environment that allows employees to grow and succeed.

Our Story

From humble beginnings in the King family living room to servicing thousands of aircraft at secure and modern facilities around the globe, King Aerospace has grown to become an international leader in aircraft modification and maintenance support.

To work on VVIP aircraft or operate in demanding special-missions aviation environments requires personnel who are both excellent at the job and committed to the mission. The King Aerospace team values servant leadership, integrity and a problem-solving approach to serving our customers.