Unofficial Positive Performance Indicators

April 30, 2015

At the KING AEROSPACE Companies we claim that we strive to satisfy our customers and meet their expectations. There is no doubt that sometimes we fall short of our objective, but it is not due to lack of commitment. Our performance and customers’ satisfaction can be measured by very formal and not so formal means.

For over 20 years, our military and government customers routinely perform very detailed and formal written performance ratings for all aspects of our operations. We have been blessed to have been recognized by the United States Air Force and United States Army for outstanding demonstrated performance supporting various government and military aviation operations on a global basis. On an informal basis, we are also blessed to receive positive notes from the military men and women whom we support.

For me, within the past several weeks we have also received some “unofficial” but very meaningful, heartfelt informal performance indicators from some of our Corporate or Commercial clients. These stories help me remain focused on the expectations of those we serve.

Recently I was at the KA Ardmore, Oklahoma facility as the delivery of a new paint job for a new customer was taking place. I made an effort to meet the customer and to thank him for his trust and business. As I shook the man’s hand and said “Thank you for your business,” I asked him what he thought about his jet’s new paint job. This customer is someone who has been involved in the buying, selling and overseeing the refurbishment of countless aircraft for over 30 years. He responded and said, “This is the best paint job ever.” I was truly proud of our KA team and this customer for the unofficial performance indicator. We must excel on his next project as well!

I would like to believe that our sincere desire to earn this prospective client’s trust was felt and validated by the group’s visit. The good news is this group did award KA some refurbishment projects! Now we must earn and maintain their trust through our demonstrated positive performance.

This last example of an unofficial performance measurement makes me feel a deep sense of satisfaction for our customer, their client and the men and women at our company who achieved this result. I am told that our customer, who oversaw the refurbishment of a lady’s jet, was present when the refurbished jet was delivered and presented to her for inspection. He conveyed that the lady was so overwhelmed with happiness over our work that her eyes filled with tears! This report is a blessing that is so much more meaningful to me than just a new paint and interior contract.

In my mind, these stories and others help validate the level of service and commitment to our mission of making a positive difference in the lives of others, although we just happen to work on aircraft. It is my prayer and focus that we continue to meet the expectations of those who entrust us, regardless if it is a military aircraft, corporate jet or V VIP aircraft. Our passion and values will not change. I know that there are other great aviation companies and stories, but these are the stories that I know and share to help influence twhe men and women who earned the right to become members of the KA team and proudly wear the KING AEROSPACE Gold Wings over their heart. As I often say, “It’s not the gold thread that makes our wings gold, it’s the heart and passion of those who have earned the right to wear the wings.”