Time for a Turnaround?

August 9, 2021

By Jarid King
King Aerospace president

Instead of “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!,” our clients answer, “King Aerospace!” We may not be saving the world from paranormal activity, but our clients do view us as miracle workers of sorts.

Since my dad, Jerry King, founded King Aerospace in 1992, we’ve made a reputation based on doing things right the first time. That approach means we act on issues we encounter so they don’t get kicked down the road for others to deal with later. As a result, today we frequently find ourselves at the receiving end of many 911-type, distress calls for help, particularly for contractor logistics support (CLS). The industry has come to know us as the folks who can take broken programs and fix them. Turnarounds have become a specialty of ours. We’re often referred to as the “Program Fixers.”

How do we reverse the performance of a program that’s taken a sharp turn for the worse? Without talking about where others have gone wrong, we can share how we make things right. The secret to our success is both profound and simple. We hold fast to our King Kulture and its base in servant leadership.

We maintain a soft spot for the Air Force’s information-gathering E-9A twin turboprop (a militarized version of the Dash 8). Our contact to support it back in 1992 launched King Aerospace. Whenever this aircraft makes an unscheduled fuel stop at our facility in Ardmore, OK, it feels like reuniting with an old friend. Founder and Chairman Jerry King raced out to have his photo taken with this longtime mission-critical aircraft for Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. The aircrews of these airborne surveillance/telemetry data-relay aircraft evaluate the air-to-air capabilities of Air Force fighter aircraft and collect data on fired missiles. E-9As also sweep the Gulf of Mexico to ensure it’s clear during live missile-test launches. The King team supplied parts, maintenance technicians, mission equipment operators and engineers. Anytime we can support our military, it’s not just a job to us. It is an honor.


No Excuses Mean More Accountability

Our core principles and values guide daily operations at all levels and help chart the strategic vision. People are held accountable, not just by management, but by their peers. Leadership at all levels and open communication support time-tested, proven methodologies that ensure seamless execution from concept to completion. Every aspect of program management gets our full attention: resourcing, scheduling, monitoring and controlling quality, cost and risk. All takes place in an environment of honesty, trust and respect.

Offering 24/7 global logistics minimize aircraft-on-the-ground (AOG) periods through our vetted supply chain, inventory control and delivery. Drawing upon three decades of experience and positive outcomes in serving government and military customers give us a deep reserve of lessons learned. We’ve been there and done that. Customers have included the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy/Marine Corps, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Drug Enforcement Administration and Homeland Security. We’re proud of that list – and of the service we’ve provided. Our support for corporate and VVIP aircraft – which must meet the highest possible quality levels – further strengthens our ability to meet exacting military specifications.


Ready to Do Right

Accolades and recognition include being named U.S. Air Force Contractor of the Year (twice); the U.S. Army Contractor of the Year; the Department of Energy’s Best Aviation Organization; the Small Business Administration’s Regional Outstanding Prime Contractor; and the Army Aviation Association’s Joseph P. Cribbins Department of the Army Civilian of the Year. Our performance ratings routinely exceed expectations.

I don’t say all this to boast, but to support my case. We’ve learned how to course correct programs gone astray and have the dedicated team to deploy those lessons. Next time you wonder who to call, remember King Aerospace. Then, let’s talk.