The Spring of Life

April 4, 2016

I always feel a sense of a new beginning at the end of winter and the Lenten season and after the Easter celebration.  The Texas countryside almost is always green around Easter and Texas bluebonnets and other wild flowers are in full bloom.  All over the Texas countryside whitetail fawns can be found along with other animals that have begun their new life journey.  The miracle of life is beyond my comprehension and gives me a feeling of awe.  I have many fond spring memories of sitting on my John Deere tractor at my ranch planting crops and then anxiously waiting to see the first signs of them sprouting, often in amazement.  As I reflect back over the years, I cannot forget that spring is the time for the start of football and youth baseball practice, as the past seasons become less memorable and plans for the future become the focus. Also, how can we overlook the fact that we even set our clocks in the spring to “spring forward?”

On a personal note, all of these things remind me that we too can begin a new chapter in our lives.  Even older adults like me can enjoy the spring in our own lives.  I continue to try to learn to live in the moment as I work to help direct my future with hope and humble expectations.  My past struggles remind me that hope alone is not a strategy and we must put forth the effort to influence our futures.

I encourage you to think about how you can live your spring to enjoy and grow over the year in all that you say and do and as a mentor to those you encounter.  If we will only look at the wonderful mysteries of nature, we know that as human beings we have greater control over our future than the plants and animals that  come to life each spring!  It is my opinion that the odds of nature are in our favor to enjoy even greater successes and blessings as we spring forward with faith, hope and sweat.

Over the years I have learned from several sources that “there is a reason an automobile has a large windshield and a small rear view mirror – it is important to see where you came from but far more important to see where you are going.”  The memories of where we came from should never be forgotten but our focus should be where we are headed.

None of us are ever too old to stop looking for and appreciating all of the wonderful “spring” filled opportunities that we all can enjoy on a daily basis.  It is my sincere desire that you may enjoy and truly “Spring Forward” in all aspects of your life!


Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.