Super Bowl Dreams?

February 1, 2016

It feels a little strange when a parent uses their child’s analogies, or at least it does for me, but I am guilty. For 17 years my son, Jarid, played football and completed his career by playing five years for a Division One college team. He was blessed to have been on a team that experienced five college bowl games during his tenure…

Over his entire playing career I reminded him and my wife that “Football is not about a game, it’s about life-long lessons.” During the past two years I have repeated an analogy that he once said to me shortly after joining KING AEROSPACE. I asked him what he thought about a person we had interviewed for a leadership position at KING AEROSPACE. He so profoundly said, “Dad, he wants to be on a Super Bowl team, but he doesn’t want to have to come to practice!”

I am sure that you also know of countless individuals who want the Super Bowl spoils without having to pay the relentless price to prepare for whatever their Super Bowl might be. May we all dream big, but not forget that to realize our dreams, we must work hard and not quit even when others would have given up. We must maintain the faith that our vision is a real possibility when others (and even we ourselves) doubt our own ability to overcome what feels like the impossible at times. Following our heart is not easy, but that’s why so few people in life realize their Super Bowl dreams. The other critical element is to surround yourself with others who have the same dream and passion and are willing to do their part of greater-than-self commitment. Even with the right dedication and teammates, there is still the element of “things” that need to come together to allow us to realize our dreams.

As I have told my son over the years, “If you leave it all on the field and have done your very, very best, then there should be no regrets.”

When you hear someone say “I wish that…,” remind them that they could if they are willing to pay the price and develop their God-given talents and continue to grow them. If they do, they are more apt to realize their dreams. I like to repeat what I have heard or read over the years. There are “Fans” in life, and then there are “Players.” “Fans” are the people who so quickly will tell others what they should be doing, but not willing to do themselves. “Players” are the ones who work from sun up to sun down, doing those painful things that others refuse to do to realize the right to be on the team.

You might find it interesting to know that several of my son’s teammates are currently playing in the NFL. Some have even played in the Super Bowl, and some have been selected to play in the Pro Bowl.

I treasure the story that one of his teammate’s father once shared with me. I asked him how he helped coach his son, who is recognized as one of the very, very best of all time for his position. The father told me, “When [Name] was a little boy, I asked him why he was so hard on himself and told him he should enjoy what he was doing without being so intense.” The father went on to say that his young son responded by saying words to the effect of “Dad, one day I am going to be playing in front of thousands of people.” The fact is that this young man is playing in front of thousands of people and setting new standards for his position. With God’s help, his dream has become a reality!

For me, every aircraft or mission that someone trusts us to support, maintain, paint, refurbish or update is my very own Super Bowl.  Failure is not an option. With God’s help, every aircraft project is my very own Super Bowl challenge to not disappoint those who have trusted us. “No Excuses” and we will “leave it on the field!”


Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.