Sharing some Heartfelt Private Thoughts

November 19, 2014

Recently I was asked to share with my church congregation at their Sunday evening service.  I prayerfully accepted the request and decided to wear my KING AEROSPACE uniform to share some heartfelt words.  My uniform consists of khaki pants, a collared KING AEROSPACE blue polo work shirt with the KING AEROSPACE Gold Wings embroidered over my heart, along with dark brown Lucchese goat skin boots.  The following is the message that I attempted to deliver.

“I was asked to share a few words on what giving does for me spiritually and for our family.  Giving and spirituality to me are very personal for each individual and family, but I was asked to share, so I am sharing.  My purpose in life is to serve God, Country and Family: my immediate family, the families of my employees, my church family, and God’s children wherever I encounter them.  As the owner of an aviation company that is a military defense contractor that supports military operations, I am always thinking about my giving, especially to support those who entrust their lives and safety to me, who are often in hostile environments.  As we sit here right now, there are people who are wearing the same shirt that I am wearing, putting an aircraft back into a hangar that flew this evening between North and South Korea on a mission of service greater than self.  And as we sit here, there are people who are wearing the same shirt cooking their dinner in the jungle of Colombia, who are away from their families and loved ones, who are also giving of themselves for others.  So for me, being a good steward and giving those things that God has entrusted to me is a continuous, never ending process.  Throughout my waking hours, I am always asking myself, ‘Am I being a good steward, as demonstrated through my giving?’  I continually ask myself, ‘Am I being a good steward and giving of my TIME?  Am I making myself available to those who need me, when they need me, even if it  is to only offer words of encouragement, or letting them know that I believe in them, or that God is with them, or just simply being present to listen?’  For me, my role model is Jesus Christ, but I also think of Moses and Job and all the others as I ask myself, ‘Am I sharing or giving of my TALENTS as God would want me to in my daily activities, in my teachings and actions?  Am I using my God-given talents in service to God, especially my understanding of my faith which is the source of my strength?’  Lastly, I am always asking myself, ‘Am I being a good steward in the giving of my RESOURCES in providing to others what they need and when they need it, not as an afterthought, but with sincere and prayerful intentions and in meaningful amounts?’  Giving to our church and to others is one way that allows me to demonstrate my commitment to my service to God and live what I profess.  I am blessed to have a family who understands my commitment to serve others and to give to others.  My wife and grown daughter and son understand the importance that they too give to others as they move forward on their own spiritual journeys in their service to God, from whom all blessings flow.  For me, giving is a gift from the Holy Spirit that I feel, especially when I truly give from the heart and extend beyond my comfort zone.  Well, I hope that these ‘few words’ on my thoughts on how giving impacts me and our family are the right few words that I was asked to share.  Thank you for listening.”

The message actually delivered was tearfully done and some of the written words might not have been exact in their delivery.  After the service one person present stated, “There was not a dry eye in that church.”  Who knows? I tried to explain some of my most personal feelings of “Servant Leadership.” I hope you find my sharing meaningful.