Rethink Your Corporate Jet Interior, Not Just Your Office

May 19, 2021

The pandemic has caused us to rethink the modern office. People discovered they could work effectively from home, and in many cases, they want to continue that in a hybrid of home and office. Management is looking at how this shift affects staffing and office spaces. If you haven’t asked yourself these questions yet, perhaps you should. What have we learned about how people like to work, and does it apply to our corporate jet interior?

Take a 50,000-Feet View

Think about your aircraft cabin. Is it conducive for working with plenty of tabletops for spreading out digital devices and documents? Is your connectivity literally up to speed? Do you offer private, quiet spaces for teleconferences and confidential conversations?

What modern offices require today extends to aircraft, too. You want spaces that invite collaboration and interaction. That energize and spark creativity. That feel comfortable and inviting. That reflect your corporate culture. That are scalable and adaptable. That feel safe and secure.

Your corporate jet interior provides an essential service for your business. Corporate aircraft are proven as controlled, secure, safe, point-to-point modes of executive transport. Modular layouts make almost any configuration possible for private offices and more collaborative conference areas. Home-away-from-home features help passengers travel across multiple time zones and yet arrive rested and ready for that big meeting or to close that deal.

The Need Persists

The constraints imposed by a global pandemic taught us about ourselves and each other. Let’s embrace those lessons and apply them to make us more productive, engaged and fulfilled. COVID – with its multiple variants ­–continues to present long-term unknowns, but we have learned protocols that lessen its spread and have instituted aircraft sanitization systems and air purification ionization units that inactivate 99% of germs and viruses. Also, because you typically travel with people you know, you are probably aware of their exposure history. We know how to make travel safe – and that building deep, lasting, trusted relationships requires meeting in person. Video calls help, but they do not replace the long-term value generated by using private aircraft.

“We believe the change in travel habits will prove temporary,” says Jarid King, King Aerospace president. “Businesses have been getting by, but for many, a return to the skies is needed for them to thrive.”