Putting Safety First. Always.

January 16, 2020

Personal experience is the best teacher. King Aerospace Commercial Corporation General Manager Wayne Jamroz spoke to our team about one of his darkest moments in the hopes others would learn from it. Early in his career, when he was with Midwest Express, a recently serviced DC-9 crashed, killing 31 people.

It took Wayne decades to really talk about this 1985 event, its lifechanging impact and the lessons learned. After witnessing the power of his testimony, we decided to record Wayne’s comments as a way to distribute them to our team members worldwide – and to our customers.

This is a long video – 23 minutes – but we hope you’ll take time to watch and give it thought. Our no-excuses approach to quality isn’t just because we are sticklers for detail (which we are). But because we’re fully aware of the responsibility entrusted to us. Our team members earn their gold wings every day for a reason. Lives depend on that type of vigilance.

At King Aerospace, we combat mistakes by creating an environment of honesty, trust and respect. By taking a problem-solving attitude to challenges. By working collectively and proactively.

Life is too precious to approach our work any other way. What we do matters.