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Providing Aircraft Avionics Support for Boeing 737s

June 23, 2020

Avionics combines the words “aviation” and “electronics,” emphasizing the immensity of the aircraft systems working together. Aircraft avionics include communication, flight control, inflight entertainment, navigation and other avionics systems necessary for flight. The failure of one or more of these electronic instruments can ground an aircraft until the component or components can be inspected, repaired or replaced.

Hawaii-based Transair, which operates daily flights, year-round to the surrounding islands, found itself in need of crucial avionics work on six of its Boeing 737s in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic. Flight and travel restrictions made its operations more important than ever. They needed their aircraft flightworthy – and fast – to deliver essential supplies and more to communities now isolated from each other and the mainland United States.

A strong referral led them to King Aerospace’s FAA-Authorized Part 145 Repair Station in Ardmore. Because these aircraft could not come to us, we went to them.

aircraft avionics repair

Two of our skilled aircraft avionics technicians flew to Hawaii to test, diagnose and repair the electrical systems in Transair’s fleet. The critical nature of our mission necessitated a waiver of the 14-day quarantine, so we took added precautions to ensure our technicians maintained a clean and healthful environment.

When they returned to Oklahoma three weeks later, they quarantined for an additional two weeks – keeping our team at home healthy.

King Aerospace President Jarid King praised our avionics technicians in a recent Business Jet Interiors International column, saying they successfully work on some of the industry’s largest, most complex aircraft.

“They do it right, on time and on budget,” he added.

King Aerospace installs new and upgrades existing aircraft avionics, including communications systems, such as Satcom SDR, KA-Band, ADS-B Out I, FANS-1A and more. In 2018, we completed the first-ever installation of the Gogo Biz 4G WiFi system in a Boeing Business Jet alongside a SATCOM system upgrade.

For avionics repair, King Aerospace:

  • Diagnoses systems using flight data
  • Tests components for defects
  • Repairs or replaces failed systems
  • Records repair work completed according to FAA regulations

When you need to comply with new FAA certifications or you want the latest in inflight entertainment and cabin management systems (CMS), talk to us.