Old Fashioned Thank You!

August 24, 2015

Anyone who knows me, knows that I send out lots of handwritten ‘Thank You’ notes that are written from the heart.  You would even be surprised how many ‘Thank You’ notes I get back for my ‘Thank You’ notes.

It seems that in the email and text environment, people don’t take the time to write personal notes and this has an impact on recipients.  I don’t think we let people know often enough how thankful we are for so many of our daily blessings.  One of my sources of stress is worrying that I forgot, or overlooked saying “Thank You” to someone.  So to cover myself, here is my broad brush “Thank You!”

We are thankful to have our hangars full and more projects and programs in the works!  All of us at KING AEROSPACE realize these blessings are the result of the trust of those we serve.  We work hard to maintain that trust, and we feel honored to be able to serve you, as we serve each other.

Our businesses are based on good relationships and we know that ever referral given on our behalf is backed by someone’s reputation and good name.  We are humbled by this honor and the kind things said about us.

As we look toward the future and build on our success, we thank all of you who have helped us advance forward.  As we grow, be assured that regardless of the service we provide, our focus is to make a positive difference in the lives of those we employ, we serve and we encounter.


For your trust, and allowing us to serve you.  We truly appreciate and value you.



Jerry King-Echevarria

Chairman and Founder