December 1, 2017

I am a little reluctant to share this story but saying something that might be embarrassing has never stopped me before so here goes: I don’t recall my father ever telling me he loved me. I knew he loved me but he just never did say it. I freely tell my kids that I love them and strive to demonstrate my love to my wife of 31 years. I’ve said it to others but at times it just felt a little strange.

I remember one of my male employees of many years sharing with a group that it is okay for a man to tell another man “love ya.” Somewhere along the line I learned to say, “love ya” to people that I care about. I am often surprised at their subtle reactions, which are normally good but always interesting. I tell one of my good friends, who carries a lot of guns, has a badge and can really hurt people if needed, “love ya” as we end our telephone conversations. Somewhere along the way I have learned that I love a whole lot more people than I ever thought I would.

I often explain that the people who love you the most will tell you what no one else will say. I have been known to say, “You know I love you but …….” At the end of the “feel the love session” I remind them that I really do love them. I remind my kids when they were little that I loved them but I would still whip their ass if necessary!

I remind myself that the Bible says “love your neighbor” even when you don’t feel like it and that people who make me feel uncomfortable for different reasons are God’s children as well.

Letting someone know that you love them doesn’t cost a penny. It is my prayer that you might try to give those around you a free gift that they might find priceless and that no one else can give them: your love. Go ahead and take the plunge and let someone know you love them and watch their reaction; you might be surprised. Your words just might be the best Christmas gift they get! Love you and Merry Christmas.

Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.