Living or simply existing?

August 7, 2014

Are you living or just existing? Regardless of age, sex, education or resources what are you doing? Are you doing a hybrid of both? When the going gets tough or the challenges are many do you retreat into a simply trying to exist mode?

It’s clear that I am an expert in nothing but I do try to think about all sorts of things nonstop. I honestly try to understand myself as I try to also understand those around me, without passing judgment. I find that when things appear to not be going the way that I would want them it is easy to become self-centered and focus on just getting by. “If only I can make it till, Friday. If only I can make it till the kids get out of diapers. If only I can make it till the kids graduate from high school. If only I can make it till I get my house paid off. If only my health gets better. If only I can make it till I have enough money in retirement.” And the famous ones such as “If only my spouse would…or if only my spouse or child would stop ….” Too often it is easy to get hung up in the “if only” mode and not focus on the only thing we can control is what we are doing or saying in any given moment. If we wait for all of the things that bother us to get better, or go away, we will never be fully living! Living, in my humble opinion is being God centered and helping and sharing with others. Sharing kind words, sharing our blessings, teaching and supporting those around us. When we give of ourselves, we are living. We tend to have greater hope for our future and the future of those around us! We become more positive in all that we do; with God’s help! I have to admit that there are times when I ask myself “Why do I take on all that I do?” I tell myself that it would be so much easier to become self-centered and focus on my own life and simply enjoy life. But in my opinion, by doing so, I would not be living life, but just existing. So I elect to keep living and giving, even when things are not going as I wanted them to go and even when I am exhausted. I hope you will take a little time to ask yourself: What must I do to stop just existing and start living? It’s my belief that God has put us in the right place with all of the right resources for the very moment we find ourselves. It’s my opinion that living is worth the pain that it often brings but you will reap countless blessings that you would never get from simply existing! No pain, no gain! Dead people don’t feel pain, so start living!