King Kulture on Proud Display at Arkansas Open House

May 1, 2023

Dozens of honored guests gathered March 28-30, 2023 for the opening of two new King Aerospace hangars at Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA) near Bentonville, where they also experienced a taste of King Kulture.

Attendees included senior leadership and representatives of a large OEM, noted King Aerospace President Jarid King, as well as valued government partners. “It was extremely important to showcase our new facility’s capabilities to support their mission requirements,” he said.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about aircraft modification services and capabilities from KAI personnel and vendors, including seat manufacturers.

The secure facility supports FAA Part 145 modifications, engineering and integration services for government or quasi-government widebody aircraft, such as the Boeing 747, 767 and 777.

Facility upgrades made by King Aerospace to support this mission include new LED lighting, an innovative parts and tools scanning system, state-of-the-art fire suppression and a robust paint booth filtration system compliant with the latest environmental requirements.

While the new hangars will host highly specialized, mission-critical work, King Aerospace team members ensured the dignitaries on hand had some fun as well. “This open house wasn’t just about showing off our new facility,” said KAI Special Projects Manager Kay Roby-Bragg. “We wanted everyone to truly get a sense of what makes King Aerospace unique in our industry.”

To that end, activities at different points throughout the facility tour included basketball and football throwing contests, tic-tac-toe and ring toss games and even miniature golf – all to add some entertainment and amusement to the event.

The open house included lots of fun activities as well, ranging from a “name the plane” game to basketball and football throwing contests and miniature golf.

“King Aerospace treats our customers like family, and who doesn’t like to learn and play games?” King said. “My favorite was stumping aviation experts with our “name the plane” contest as they tried to identify some of the unique, special mission aircraft that have been associated with King Aerospace over the years.Æ

Most importantly, the three-day event also demonstrated the King Aerospace servant leadership philosophy which ties directly into King Kulture. Advisors were on hand to discuss available aircraft modification services and capabilities, and attendees also had the opportunity to meet with outside support providers, including seat manufacturers, cabinet makers and aircraft paint specialists.

“It was extremely valuable to have our vendors there highlighting the services they can provide to King Aerospace customers with our program management and integration skill set,” King said. “We pride ourselves on doing business with those who embrace our mission and our values.”

Other invited guests included representatives from the office of Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.-3) and local government officials, as well as personnel from the U.S. military. “The open house really gave us the chance to network with our customers and discuss how King Aerospace could tailor our capabilities to serve them even better in the future,” Roby-Bragg said.

“I wish to thank everyone who came out to visit, and the vendors who took time to exhibit and show their dedication to King Aerospace and to our mission,” King concluded. “We are creating long-term relationships to serve the aviation community and our country.”