KACC Looks Ahead to VVIP Aircraft Avionics Installs

April 20, 2023

Cabin management systems (CMS) remain among the most popular new avionics upgrades for VVIP aircraft. The team at King Aerospace Commercial Corporation (KACC) stands ready to meet customer needs and expectations with current offerings while also looking ahead to prepare these aircraft for future upgrades.

Honeywell’s Ovation, the Collins Aerospace Venue and Astronics’ Custom Control Concepts are just some of the leading-edge cabin management systems (CMS) available for installation from King Aerospace, offering passengers complete control of their environment, lighting, 4K video capability, inflight entertainment and other aspects of their flying experience, even from their smartphone.

The CMS solutions go hand in hand with equally advanced inflight connectivity systems such as Gogo Biz 4G WiFi. These advanced Ka-band systems offer speeds roughly equivalent to a DSL connection on land and can support the connectivity needs of several dozen passengers at a time.

Installations are often performed in conjunction with other services offered by King Aerospace, including heavy maintenance, paint and interior modifications and refurbishment. The rapid pace of innovation in this segment, however, leads many clients to want the very latest VVIP aircraft avionics, as soon as possible.

The Race for Speed

Even faster 5G inflight connectivity speeds and Wi-Fi are on the horizon to meet the expectations of VVIP passengers who want an inflight user experience and Wi-Fi connectivity speeds just like they are sitting in their office.

With 5G equipment expected to come to market later this year, KACC General Manager of Operations Steve Sawyer notes VVIP clients are already requesting to have their aircraft pre-wired, “so that when those 5G systems are ready, it’ll basically be plug-and-play” with relatively little additional downtime required for the install.

The King Aerospace team works closely with clients to determine the best new VVIP aircraft avionics options for their needs, including when to schedule upgrades. For example, clients may wish to install components at separate intervals to minimize aircraft downtime, but scheduling multiple upgrades at once can significantly reduce labor costs.

Responding Quickly to Challenges

With such complex systems, it is inevitable that complications may sometimes arise, as was the case with a recent BBJ1 (737-700) CMS installation performed by the KACC team in Ardmore, Okla. While preparing for the upgrade, technicians found that the aircraft’s wiring diagrams simply were not accurate.

“As new equipment is added, or as the aircraft passes from owner to owner, sometimes documentation gets lost or simply isn’t done,” says Roy Lischinsky, KACC vice president of operations. “As we went through the aircraft, we found many of the drawings were incorrect or missing.”

Upon consulting with their client, teams went through the aircraft and completed an entirely new set of wiring schematics and diagrams for the BBJ. That process added roughly 30 days to the original 90-day completion time for new paint and the CMS installation, but also provided an additional opportunity for the King Aerospace team to demonstrate one of its Cornerstone Principles – a proactive, problem-solving attitude – to the customer.

“Our ability to quickly fix and adapt to a client’s changing needs sets King Aerospace apart in our industry,” adds KACC Advisor Jerry Dunmire. “Steve and Roy are empowered to work directly with the client to ensure their needs are met.”

“Our customers are our best advocates,” Lischinsky says. “They talk amongst themselves about the level of service we give them, and their recommendations are what bring new customers to the King Aerospace family.”