March 1, 2021

For many years I have sat down each month and written personal notes to each one of our employees on his or her birthday and anniversary. Over the past couple of years, my wife, Barbara, has handmade each card I have sent. (This is a useful purpose for the truck loads of scrap book and card making equipment and supplies that she has smuggled into our house and my office over the years). As I sign the cards, I often refer to “biography books” that contain a photo of each person who wears our Gold Wings and some information about them that provides me with insight into their lives, including a small glimpse into each person’s family, their past and their hobbies or interests.

I am humbled and honored that we have so many good people who elected to earn the right to wear our Gold Wings over their hearts and to entrust our leadership team to live what we profess and look after their interests. I take this role seriously and strive to never let anyone down. Unlike many companies, one’s employee number is not important at our company. What is important is each single person’s name, family, dreams and commitment to our values and principles. Over the years, I have heard people casually refer to employees as “head count.” I am very quick to point out that there is not a “headcount” at our company. I have also made it clear that at King Aerospace there is never to be “white shirts,” “blue shirts” or “suits.” There is to never be “us” or “them.” There are only team members, which includes those we serve (customers) and those who serve us (vendors and suppliers). Our leadership’s mission is to serve only one purpose and that is to serve those we employ, those we serve and those we encounter while earning a fair profit.

It is humbling to know that at King Aerospace, there are only “people.” This is why we have been repeatedly recognized for our positive performance as individuals, departments, specific locations and as a company.

So, what does all of this mean? It means that I must live what we profess to the highest standards, as best as humanly possible, in my service to God, Country and Family. The true test of our performance can be measured by answering one single question: “Are the people, their families the communities we serve better off because of our company?” Be assured that supporting so many good people is truly a humbling experience. I am so very proud of the men and women we have employed in the past and currently employ and the people we have been honored to serve over the years.  Know that as a forever work in progress, I will humbly strive to not let anyone down, with God’s favor.

Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.