Evaluating the Risks and Benefits of Defense Contractors

June 28, 2022

Highly skilled contractor logistics support (CLS) plays a vital role in our nation’s defense and security. Assessing defense contractors’ efficiency and effectiveness, however, gets complicated. This is meant to serve as a high-level endorsement for evaluation that protects the public interest, maximizes outcomes, fosters cooperation, improves communication and builds trust between government agencies and contractors.

We appreciate the work the government has been doing to reduce duplicative, overlapping and inefficient auditing and oversight activities while promoting strong, ethical, working relationships. We sense a concerted effort to lessen costs and pain points to both defense contractors and the government. And we appreciate that.

Openness to Oversight while Emphasizing Self-Governance

Defense contractor pros and cons are many. The quality and reliability of a contractor’s internal control systems are paramount in helping reduce government’s burden to provide external oversight. The more providers can do to police their own activities the better. Sharing compliance review results helps demonstrate that strong controls are functioning as intended to meet contractual, regulatory and statutory standards. Maximum success only comes through honest partnership between contractors and the government, with each committed to proper controls of its own operations.

A No-Excuses, Mission-Focused Approach

When looking at CLS providers, the first questions must be, “Can they do the job they were contracted for, and do they have a proven track record of success?” Real-time compliance monitoring becomes a day-to-day activity that team members understand and participate in. The core of any contractor is its people and our strong King Kulture with its emphasis on our Cornerstone Principals helps ensure a foundation of integrity, shared values, problem solving and competence – whether King Aerospace is serving as a prime contractor or a subcontractor.

“My passion for God, Country and Family aligns with my whys in life and allows me to serve all three,” says King Aerospace Founder and Chairman Jerry King. 

Top-Flight Services That Result in Greater Mission Readiness

By monitoring the entire process, the system can react dynamically to changing conditions, making modifications as needed. Defense CLS providers deliver tremendous support to our government. The decisions on which providers to use should be made with transparency and great care, and based on their ability and track record for safety, value and mission readiness. Risk assessments and controls need to clearly set forth objectives that guide such considerations as:

  • Indirect cost submissions (ICS)
  • Labor charging (LC)
  • Material management and account systems (MMAS)
  • Estimating systems (ES)
  • Purchasing (PUR)
The U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Office of Secure Transportation (DOE/NNSA/OST) team – consisting of the OST Aviation Operations Division and King Aerospace – was singled out as the best aviation organization within the Department of Energy.

Ensuring America’s Security and Prosperity

At King Aerospace, we take great pride in our Albuquerque, NM-based Department of Energy team – a member of the Office of Secure Transportation (OST) – being recognized two years in a row for outstanding performance. An independent board based its decision on criteria including safety, efficiency, maintenance, effectiveness and training in all aspects of a flight program. This year and last, the team was also honored by the Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy (ICAP) as the best small aviation unit within the entire U.S. government agencies that own and/or operate aircraft. That’s really saying something.

“Contractor logistics support goes beyond fulfilling an obligation,” says King Aerospace President Jarid King. “We consider it an honor and an expression of our patriotic duty and commitment to the brave men and women in uniform all around the world.”