April 1, 2020

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus has impacted the entire world.  For Christians all over the world, we are honoring the tradition of Lent as we deal with the Coronavirus daily.  Lent is a time to reflect on all aspects of our lives and dealing with the virus intensifies this time of reflection for me.

Like you, we have had Corona memories or experiences that will never be forgotten.   Offices are almost empty and people are working from home where possible.  Our greatest professional challenge is getting our deployed people in and out of foreign countries to support various military functions.  Team members are sometimes on duty longer than expected to support missions as they wait for their replacements to arrive.  I also hurt for all of the people whose income is impacted by the Coronavirus.

Who would have ever thought that one day most, if not all of our churches would be closed!  I was informed that my church would be closed but I decided that I would still show up and see if I could find an open door to enter so I could talk to my “boss.”  I really wanted to be present, even if it meant being alone.  Thankfully I found an open door and sat in the chapel at the normal Saturday night service time of 6:30 PM.  As I sat in the dim chapel, some sunlight in between the rain clouds provided enough light to allow the stained glass windows to really glow.  In the calmness I sat there and thought about the organ in the room that is normally making music as it sat lifeless.  I thought about the empty pews and the people who are typically sitting in them.  Sitting alone in the dark sanctuary allowed me to really reflect on all aspects of my life and think about countless people with whom I have been blessed to have crossed paths with.  I had feelings of greater appreciation than ever before as I was reflecting on my many blessings and of all of the people who serve others and put their lives at risk, especially during difficult periods.  For a moment, I had a flashback of an old Rod Serling television program on the Twilight Zone where all of the people in a large city disappeared except for one person who could not find another single soul around.  After this brief distraction, I then refocused on how very thankful I was for the one unlocked door that allowed me to have this heartfelt Corona church experience.

For me, I am blessed to have a strong faith that provides me with a sense of calmness and certainty that all will be fine.  I like to remember the story of the old timer who looked at a horrible storm and elected to not evacuate from his home and astutely said “I’ve never seen a storm that didn’t pass.”  As I continue to work on my book entitled “Funded on Faith” I know all will be well.  Life is like a roller coaster.  Once you are on board you have two choices: you can fight, kick and scream or you can hold on and enjoy the ride.  It’s not much different than having been diagnosed twice with cancer or finding myself alone in a hostile environment overseas, sitting on a park bench waiting for a return flight to safety.  My faith allows me to enjoy the ride and hopefully make a positive difference along the way.  Like you, I pray for all of those who hurt as we all look toward future “drama free” days, with God’s favor.   Keep the faith!

Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.