Conscious Capitalism: Purpose beyond profits

July 3, 2014

I always believed in a higher purpose in life and recently I learned that it’s called Conscious Capitalism. There is also an organization by the same name. This organization promotes a philosophy grounded on four basic principles: Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Introduction, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture.

For now, let’s talk about the first one, Higher Purpose.

Obviously, a business needs to make money to be successful, not only its ownership but also its employees. But for those of us who believe in Conscious Capitalism, making money is not the only or most important reason our business exists. At KING AEROSPACE, we believe we have a purpose that extends beyond doing quality work for our customers.

Purpose is the juice that motivates us every day, in good times and bad. Purpose is what drives us, sustains us and guides us. Think for a moment what things in life are important to you and what you do to make those things happen.

At KING AEROSPACE, we have a higher purpose beyond earning a fair profit. Our purpose is to provide good jobs for our employees that they enjoy and where they feel the care we have for each of them. Our purpose is to do great work for great people, building lifelong relationships and friendships. Our purpose is to earn a fair profit for what we do so that our company can grow and our employees can grow with it.