Conscious Capitalism, Part III: Conscious Leadership

August 29, 2014

Continuing my discussion about an organization called Conscious Capitalism and their four principles, we now look at the third principle: Conscious Leadership.

Conscious Leaders focus on “we”, rather than “me.” They inspire and bring out the best in other people. Conscious Leaders serve the purpose of the organization, supporting those within the company as well as external stakeholders such as customers and vendors. They recognize the organization’s culture is very important and purposefully cultivate a Conscious Culture of trust and care.

This Conscience Leadership principle is also known as Servant Leadership, which is important to me and KING AEROSPACE. As I wrote in this blog previously, I first learned of Servant Leadership over lunch with Southwest Airlines Founders Colleen Barrett and Herb Kelleher over 20 years ago when they said they were implementing it. When I recognized how important Servant Leadership is to others, I implemented it also.

When we continue to serve others before self, I believe we will continue to be successful and bring about positive things for others.