Conscious Capitalism, Part II: Relationships

July 17, 2014

Recently, I wrote about an organization called Conscious Capitalism and the first of their four basic principles, Higher Purpose. This week, I’m writing about the second principle called Stakeholder Orientation. (The other two principles I will address later are Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture.) Stakeholder Orientation is not a difficult concept to grasp – it’s recognizing your business is really a very intricate and interconnected web of important relationships.

Unlike some companies solely focused on making money at any cost with little or no regard for others, Stakeholder Orientation simply means your business is important to others and they are important to your success.

At KING AEROSPACE, we strongly value our relationships with our stakeholders, many of which began decades ago. Our relationships are not just with our customers but also include employees, service providers, suppliers, manufacturer representatives, communities in which we operate, and many others.

Our attitude and culture is reflected in our mission statement: “Make a positive difference in the lives of those we employ, we serve and encounter and earn a fair profit.” We only hire and retain employees who believe in this concept as much as I do. Our customers notice the difference right away and it sets the tone for a successful project outcome every time.

We know and appreciate our many stakeholders knowing that they are essential for KING AEROSPACE to be a healthy, sustainable and resilient business.