January 1, 2024

It’s a new year!  I am positive that there will be changes coming up and in fact I want some changes, but the most important things for me have not and will not change!

The past year was filled with blessings and some problems.  The last quarter of 2023 was tough, but it allowed me to demonstrate what I profess.  In all seasons, there is a purpose and a learning opportunity even though sometimes it is hard to see.  Life goes on and we grow.  The good news is that our values and our commitment to serve God, Country and Family have not and will not change and our mission of making a positive difference and earning a fair profit will not change.

Some say that in order to plan your future, you need to understand the past, both good and bad, to avoid repeating the same mistakes. The passing down of historic information is important for individuals, families, countries, and spiritual groups.  I must admit that I didn’t like history courses and wasn’t crazy about Sunday school, but the passing on of information helped me become who I am today.  What I truly wish would change in this country in the new year is that we as individuals would forget about the things that separate us and focus on our history, both good and bad, and learn from it.  Maybe this would help us recall that we have one thing in common—we are all Americans.  Why do we have to be considered liberals, democrats, republicans or whatever else one might be labeled?  It wasn’t that long ago when we were truly united as Americans.  Black, brown, yellow, red, or white, it’s about being Americans.  This was the mortar that connected us in so many ways.  We were one big American tribe!  As a kid I sang in Sunday School:

Jesus loves the little children,

All the children of the world

Red, brown, yellow, black, and white

They are precious in his sight.

Jesus loves the little children of the world.

Why does it take a major crisis to unite us as a nation?  I have never professed to be smart, but I do know that each of us can remember our history and try to be good Americans in our service to God, Country, and Family with an attitude of service to others greater than self.  I can still recall the words of President John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

May 2024 be the year that we touch lives on a global basis and remind those we encounter that it is about God, Country, and Family.  It’s our duty, “so help me God.”

Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.