Do Good Work, Treat Customers Like Family

November 10, 2022

You probably won’t see the leader of a large defense contracting firm or any other publicly traded company put on a big heart-shaped costume, whether it’s at a meeting of BBJ operators or during a visit to a children’s hospital. But Jerry King, founder and chairman of King Aerospace, often does. Partly it’s because he […]

Inside Look: Quality Begins with Aircraft Paint Stripping

October 25, 2022

Making a VVIP aircraft’s new paint look like glass instead of a golf ball isn’t simple. It takes careful masking, extra sanding, multiple coatings, diligent cleaning and much hard work to make a paint manufacturer look at a new finish and ask the King Aerospace team: “How did you guys do that?” As with any […]

Veterans Find a New, Mission-focused Home

October 6, 2022

Military veterans play a key role in helping King Aerospace deliver on one of our cornerstone principles: quality in everything (no excuses). A recent article in Air & Space Forces Magazine – the new name for Air Force Magazine – recounts how many veterans have found a home and career with us. Veterans not only […]

The Value is the Story Behind the Antique

September 13, 2022

With a good book, it’s the story, not the paper, that has value. The same is true of antiques and military memorabilia lining display cases and dotting walls at King Aerospace’s new facility in Bentonville, ARK. KACC ARK has air raid sirens, vintage aircraft models, and hardwood desks and filing cabinets. There are World War […]

2022 AIN Solutions in Business Aviation

August 10, 2022

Aviation International News just published this year’s special issue of Solutions in Business Aviation. It profiles how King Aerospace has been providing a growing array of military and VVIP aircraft MRO services for 30 years. It also reinforces how customers have come to rely on us for the best solutions for the best price. Unfailingly […]

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