private aviation allows passengers to breathe freely

Breathe Freely

October 15, 2020

People own and operate private aviation aircraft because they want to save time and use it optimally – whether that’s beating the competition in securing a deal or arriving at a critical meeting ready and rested. COVID-19 is subtly shifting the value proposition. You’ve heard the axiom, You don’t have anything without your health. It’s true. Time loses its value if you have no vitality.

VVIP aircraft’s pressurization systems, darkened bedrooms, exercise stations, standup showers, ergonomic furnishings, soothing colors, quiet zones, nutritious meals and even steam rooms are more than niceties. They help keep passengers physically and mentally strong. Air quality, always important, probably now tops the list.

Come In, the Air is Fine

The global pandemic and resulting need for pathogen-free environments further tips the scale in favor of private aviation. At King Aerospace, we’re having a lot of conversations with our BBJ customers about what we can do to keep passengers and crew safe. Our team continually reviews and implements preventative safety solutions as they become vetted and available. While we consider ourselves agnostic to the brand or method chosen, we do have strong opinions. Natural, passive-air ionization systems are among the solutions we like best.

Here’s why. They work. They inactivate 99% of germs and viruses, both in the air and on surfaces. These environmentally friendly systems are not reliant on harmful ozone or chemicals. Some alternatives necessitate being off the aircraft for at least 24 hours because the treatments are so noxious. Our feeling is, why use a system to solve one issue if it contributes negatively to another one? Natural, passive-air ionization does no harm while doing good. The straightforward installation is another plus. It can be done during scheduled maintenance events, keeping aircraft downtime to a minimum.

private aviation interior aircraft photo

Take a Deep Breath

Last year S&A 500 companies paid CEOs an average of $15 million a year. Add to that annual bonuses, long-term incentives, restricted stock awards, stock options and more. The true worth of these human assets, however, come not from their cost but from the incalculable value they bring to their organizations.

Heads of state, corporate leaders and critical teams require more than comfortable, convenient, curb-to-curb transportation. They need aircraft that protect them from virus and germ transfer. And at King Aerospace, we do everything to ensure that’s exactly what they get.

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