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Paint That’s Powerful

July 14, 2020

Aircraft paints and coatings sometimes get marginalized as simply icing on a pretty plane. But paint offers much more than aesthetics. Though there’s nothing wrong with looking great.

Paint both protects and preserves the substantial investment you’ve made in your aircraft, combatting the enemies of your airframe: sun, wind, heat, cold, rain, ice, humidity, pollutants, sand and corrosion. It needs to withstand the myriad fluctuations in pressure and temperature encountered in flight.

appraise your aircraft paint regularly

Appraise the condition of your paint at regular inspection intervals. Check closely around high flex and wear areas and around fasteners, seams, crevices and rivets for possible moisture infringement. Don’t forget to thoroughly inspect propellers, cylinder fins and fuel tanks. Ensure you follow a proper-care topcoat regimen with regular cleaning and, for metal aircraft, treatment with rust inhibitors. Hangar your aircraft whenever possible, opting for dry climates if you have the choice. Prevention is always easier than treatment.

When it’s time to paint, choose a provider that knows its stuff. If paint isn’t applied correctly, especially on metal surfaces, you can end up with bubbling and flaking. At King Aerospace, paint has been a strong core offering throughout our three-decade-long history. Our process for a previously painted aircraft involves painstaking sanding and stripping, masking non-painted areas with tape and other materials, priming, painting with often custom-mixed colors, applying any stripes, lettering and logos and a final coat of protective paint.

aircraft paints and coatings

Our customers routinely comment on our craftsmanship as well as the beautiful finished product, delivered on time and on budget. One customer even told us, “We have never had a shop nail a perfect score on every project parameter like King Aerospace.”

Customers also frequently tap into our other capabilities when they come in for paint. Those include VVIP interior re-fabrications and modifications, FAA-approved maintenance and avionics, particularly for inflight connectivity systems (Wi-Fi and satellite), safety systems and flight deck updates.

A-quality work requires an A-quality team. Choosing the right corporate aircraft painting provider can pay long-term dividends. Update your aircraft paints and coatings with King Aerospace.