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BBJ-Approved Aircraft Paint Shop

August 10, 2020

Since our founding in 1992, King Aerospace has earned a reputation as an exceptional VVIP and corporate aircraft paint shop. Our inclusion in the Boeing Business Jet manufacturer’s prestigious customer support directory, published annually, speaks to the excellence of our services.

This high-end, high-demand market segment has a low to no tolerance for error. Their use for heads of state and industry titans make them mission-critical aircraft. These sophisticated jets demand the highest levels of service. That’s not a problem for us as it’s the only type of service we strive to deliver. Our consistently high customer satisfaction levels show we achieve that objective. Last year, we accomplished record growth while achieving a 100 percent on time delivery rate for our work on Boeing jets, up to Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft.

The paint on a BBJ can weigh around 550 pounds. You want enough, but not too much. We apply it correctly – and the way you want it. We work with customers to develop custom paint designs, some among the most complex schemes you’ll see on a BBJ. Our customers routinely say our work is among the best they’ve seen.

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VVIP in Every Way

Customers often want a one-stop solution. In addition to paint, we specialize in avionics, interior refurbishments and maintenance for corporate and VVIP aircraft. For BBJs, we provide everything from a B-check to the heaviest C-check inspections as well as 12-year requirements. When customers come in for scheduled maintenance, they can leverage that downtime by having us paint their aircraft, upgrade interiors and install the latest in high-speed connectivity and IFE (inflight entertainment). Customers increasingly green-light upgrades to their HVAC systems to help eliminate bacteria and viruses, suppress pollutants, increase air flow and improve overall air quality. They want us to do all we can to make the inflight experience better and safer. So do we.

Paint Offers a Strong ROI

Maintaining good paint on your aircraft can deliver maximum value. Working directly with a proven, approved provider helps ensure your investment is well spent. At King Aerospace, we work with you to ensure the ultimate in personalization, customization – and quality. Our second-generation, family-owned business is big enough to have depth of expertise and small enough to remain nimble. We know each other by name. And you will, too.

Heavy iron has its own demands. Seek out an approved Boeing aircraft paint shop for your BBJs, Boeing 737s and 757s. We hope you’ll consider us.