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Time to Upgrade Your VVIP Aircraft Interior?

April 28, 2020

When you think about aircraft interior refurbishment, consider both esthetics and functionality. Both matter. Your aircraft is a valuable but expensive asset. Updates – small and large – keep it looking its best.

Soft surfaces like seats and carpets and such high-use elements as tray tables and lav doors show signs of wear first. While a Boeing Business Jet purchased 20 years ago still has lots of flight life left in it, its interior may seem dated and no longer communicate the best-in-class feeling it did when new. Just as terrestrial offices subtly communicate power and status, so do offices in the sky.

Next-Gen Cabins for Both Comfort and Capability

Refurbishing the interior can restore a BBJ’s original panache. It can also be done without grounding the aircraft for too long. In fact, much of the customization can be done without the aircraft. Removal and installation of new seats, overhead bins, sidewalls, ceilings, cabinetry and carpeting can be accomplished faster than you might think.

aircraft cabinetry interior refurbishment
New fabrics, woods, metals and trims create an immediate and positive first impression. Other elements, such as ergonomic seats and extra-quiet cabins, have to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Aircraft interior refurbishment can also reflect a shift in how the aircraft is being used. For example, perhaps the plane originally served for transcontinental flights with the CEO and a few support staff. Perhaps today the plane serves large, multidisciplinary teams that meet and work enroute to primarily domestic locations. More collaborative cabin configurations may be in order. Perhaps former sleeping quarters should be reimagined into conference areas or opened up for an enhanced feeling of overall space. Decluttering and streamlining the cabin can maximize its space to work best for your needs.

Functional upgrades might include incorporating new technology, such as the latest inflight entertainment and cabin management software. These are features passengers will appreciate, and executives will demand.

aircraft interior refurbishment experts
Our aircraft interior refurbishment team understands the latest innovations and sophisticated designs in the industry to bring life to your aircraft interior.

Honestly Better

King Aerospace’s daily updates keep customers in the know throughout the process. Our no-excuses philosophy also means no surprises. From initial concepting and design to execution and delivery, we operate with full transparency. That gives our customers peace of mind and, frankly, results in a better final product.

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