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We literally roll out the red carpet for our clients at King Aerospace. Our military/government division delivers responsive maintenance and aviation support services in some of the most demanding operational environments around the globe while our commercial division offers MRO and exterior paint for VIP aircraft, specializing in the Boeing Business Jet. For 25 years now, we've been treating our customers like family — the King family.

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See for yourself how we approach our work and apply our cornerstone principles to every job.

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Earning Our Wings

The wings don't come with the uniform at King Aerospace — our team members earn them. It takes a commitment to our company's cornerstone principles. We're known in the industry because we know who we are. Open. Honest. Hardworking. Our aviation support services have stood the test of time because we're loyal to those principles, those wings and to you.

Earning wings by working for King Aerospace

Earning wings by working for King Aerospace

Our Cornerstone

  1. Mutual Respect
  2. Honesty and Trust
  3. Nonpolitical Environment
  4. Team Oriented
  5. Demonstrated Performance
  6. Proactive/Problem-Solving Attitudes
  7. Quality in Everything (No Excuses)
  8. Earn a Fair Profit


At King Aerospace Commercial Corporation, we specialize in high-end paint, maintenance, avionics and interior refurbishments. And we believe in doing things right. Always. Our commitment to doing what we say and earning the trust of those we serve comes above all else. Our proven approach ensures that you get exactly what was promised, on time. Every time.

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Military & Government

At King Aerospace, Inc., we provide modifications, global support, program management and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) as a government contractor to the United States, including the Armed Forces and other federal organizations. We have a never-ending passion of service to God, Country and Family. That's on display on a daily basis as we deploy to some of the most demanding operational environments an aviation firm has ever been asked to support. It is a mission and an honor that we never take lightly. Only those who share our passion and commitment to service are allowed to join the King Aerospace team.

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Earning wings by working for King Aerospace

How are you being treated?

King Aerospace is a family-run business, but you rule the kingdom. And that is how it should be. See a list of questions you should ask yourself the next time you consider a partner to fulfill your unique aviation needs.

  1. Do you get the attention you deserve on all your projects, all the time?
    It's good to know that your priorities, your project, your presence are the focus of the entire team.

  2. Do you feel in the loop, updated every step of the way?
    You shouldn't have to wonder about the status of your job, when to expect it completed, or where to go for answers.

  3. Do you have a place at the table when your projects are being discussed?
    When was the last time you were invited to sit in on a meeting with the whole team, to hear unfiltered, honest progress reports on your project?

  4. Do you feel welcome to meet the crew working on your plane?
    Ever get to talk directly the men and women working on your plane? Ask questions? Get to know them over breakfast? It's a good way to build a relationship that will serve all your projects well.

  5. Were your results over-the-top fantastic? Did you get what you expected, and more?
    Our process gets results because we're focused on making sure you get them, too.

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Hear what King Aerospace Vice President Keith Weaver has to say about earning customers' trust and keeping it. He tells it like it is.