October 1, 2023

Ever run out of gas?  I don’t mean in your vehicle, but in life in general.  I have run out of gas countless times throughout my life but fortunately only for brief periods of time.  I once heard someone say, “It’s okay to give out, but it’s not okay to give up.” It’s these moments that have caused me to grow to become the person I am today, by the grace of God.  Most of the time it seems the harder I work, the luckier I get.

Over my working life I have had all sorts of jobs, from basic manual laborer to sales and eventually management positions.  In all these jobs, I believed the key to my success was to work longer and harder than my peers.  I believed that being present, regardless of the job or location, would make up for my lack of smarts and political correctness.  For me, being present away from home was the real definition of “working remotely.” I have been a member of the club that has slept on things like wood benches and break room tables, in real cheap bug infested hotel beds, and in motor homes parked outside of hangars or military bases.  Throughout my career journey, I have spent countless hours in prayer and reading motivational books.  I have traveled the world on countless weekends and holidays trying to squeeze more business hours out of the work week in pursuit of the current “hot deal.” Regardless of where I was, I would always notice and admire, almost enviously, what appeared to be families and friends casually getting together and having fun as they created memories.  In a somewhat self-pity mode, I would remind myself of my immediate business mission as I would think about what my own family might be doing back home without me.  Thankfully, my family never wanted for anything other than perhaps a more present dad and husband. 

Lucky me, here I am at age 70 still away from home, this time living inside of a hangar facility.  My bed is on one floor and 150 paces (450 feet or 1.5 football fields) away on a different floor is my shower.  An employee break room has become my kitchen.  I am thankful for each meal, but there are only so many things that you can cook in a microwave.  As I have told my son over the years, I would never wish for anyone to live my lifestyle, but it’s my choice.  I am thankful for my many blessings and supportive (most of the time) family and team members as I pray for God’s guidance and favor in my service to God, Country, and Family.  I daily pray that I am doing “thy will” totally funded on faith and with the support of many others.

Recently three of our KA team members attended an aviation industry event and it was reported to me that several people from around the world shared their positive perceptions of our reputation and the future of the company.  For me, it’s a humbling experience to hear these stories.  I cannot help but wonder if people fully understand the lifelong commitment that has been required for the company to achieve this reputation.   When funds were low, lots of leaps of faith were taken.  Lots of hours were invested in sending handwritten notes and making personal phone calls to ensure that we deliver what we profess.  I am honored and flattered that people think highly of us.  It’s not just luck, it’s a conscious commitment to God, Country and Family.  At King Aerospace, it’s the “C” word: Commitment to live what we profess in all that we say and do. 

Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow and God bless those who share in our dream!

Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.